I use a Desantis Nemesis pocket holster for my concealed carry pistol.  The model # is: N38BJP6Z0 and it is designed to fit the Sig Saur P238.  I’ve had it for over a year and I like it so much that i decided to do a mini-review on it.  The holster is extremely well made and most importantly it is light.  My theory on pocket carry is that that both the pistol and the holster need to be light so that you are more apt to actually carry.  Since I live in Florida, it is very hot for most of the year thus we wear shorts and light clothing 9-10 months out of the year.  Light clothing and shorts pretty much rules out all forms of carry except pocket carry.

The holster is made out of a light and slightly sticky material.  The material helps the holster grab the material inside the pocket thus holding the holster in the pocket when drawing the weapon.  The holster also has a “hook” portion that also helps it grab the inside of the pocket so the pistil comes out but not the holster when drawing.  The thickness of the material is thin enough to remain light but not too thin such that the pistol “prints” through your clothing.  When in the pocket, it looks like a square wallet and not a firearm through your clothing.

Overall I am extremely satisfied with the product thus i recommend it for anyone interested in pocket carry.  They makde many different models for different pistols but if you have a Sig P238, i’ve added it to my store and i’ve provided a link below as well.

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