DIY Fishing Rod Holder

Details on my DIY fishing rod holder that i build from scrap wood . This rod holder only took my about 30 minutes to build and it was free. Yet another garage storage project to organize items in the garage. Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: ————————- DISCLAIMER: Read more…

Air Hose Reel – Planning

Planning the installation of a ceiling mounted air hose reel. Measuring for compressor hose length and describing the fittings i will need for the 50 ft air hose reel. Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:  

Garage Storage Shelving – Planning

Planning what materials i need to build and install several new garage storage shelves. Determining how much wood is required to build a workbench extension and several over shelves. Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

DIY Generator Cable – Planning

Planning to build my DIY generator cable. I need a 30 amp cable for my new backup generator that interfaces to my 50 amp input. I describe what i need and show the parts i plan to purchase to build the cable.   Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Read more…